Malta Incorporation Services

Malta is a popular jurisdiction choice for many businessmen looking to set up a company due to its attractive tax systems and a network of double taxation treaties.


Malta presents many opportunities for businesses, but you need guidance from experts. Borg Galea Limited is a trusted firm specializing in accounting, auditing, and tax consulting with more than 50 years of combined experience.


We are licensed by the Malta Financing Services Authority (MFSA) and Maltese Accountancy Board, so count on our team of dedicated professionals to help assist you with the incorporation process and ensure that your company meets the Maltese legal requirements.


Benefits From Incorporating a Company in Malta

Businessmen can reap amazing benefits when they choose to incorporate their companies in Malta. These include:

  • Taxation Benefits - Malta's full-imputation corporate taxation system entitles shareholders to claim a 6/7th tax refund on the tax paid by the company on the profits distributed as dividends.
  • Low Incorporation and Maintenance Cost - Anyone can set up a company with a minimum share capital of €1,165 of which 20% or €240 should be deposited to incorporate a company in Malta.
  • Exemption of Duty on Document - Malta offers companies that carry out international activities an exemption of documents. It frees company owners from paying transfer of shares while increasing the share capital of the company.
  • Double Taxation Treaties - Malta has over 50 double taxation treaties signed.
  • Capital Gains Tax - Gains obtained by non-residents through transfers of assets, such as shares and increases of share capital are not automatically subject to tax if the company's assets do not include immovable property, securities and similar instruments, and intellectual property.

We incorporate our wealth of knowledge and experience into our services to ensure that our clients comply with the local statutory reporting obligations and even expand their bottom line.

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Company formation falls within the list of licensable activities as per the Company Service Providers Act and such work is transfered to our strategic partner who has the authority to carry out such work.