Corporate Services

As a licensed boutique accounting firm, Borg Galea & Associates are authorised to provide a wide range of corporate and administrative services to our clients in addition to the accounting and auditing services we offer. Our most common services include: -

-      incorporation of exempt and non exempt limited companies and partnerships

-      opening bank accounts on behalf of companies with Malta’s most reputable banks

-      the provision of a registered address

-      acting as directors and company secretaries

-      preparing statutory reporting forms

-      communicate important dates to the board of directors

-      taking board minutes

-      keeping the accounting records up to date

-      assist and prepare the Tax and VAT forms

-      provide the statutory audit.

and much more.

We are very proud in what we do and, are committed to serve our clients in the best possible manner. At Borg Galea we also recognise that the process from incorporating a Maltese company to start operating should be the minimum possible. Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with banks and regulatory authorities to know exactly what documents are required and avoid going back and forth to our clients to request additional information and delaying the process.

To achieve our quality and deadline objectives, we ensure that our team of advisors are highly qualified and are driven by their commitment to improve the quality service rendered. We are determined to provide our clients with a Professional Service and not with mass services. This implies that we continuously adjust the service provided based on the needs of our clients and not the other way around. Additionally, we retain continuous communication with our clients to keep them updated on the process and to assist with any queries that may arise on the way.

Other procedures have been implemented within the professional service process to ensure that the highest quality level is achieved. Those within the team who interact with clients are empowered to make the decisions required to commit to the clients’ needs. In addition to this, we have implemented an internal quality audit function to assess the type of service offered and to always seek innovative ways to improve.

To learn more, kindly visit the Relocation to Malta services page by clicking here or feel free to get in touch.

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