Tax Planning

Planning for the future

As an entrepreneur, when it comes to taxes, your main objective most likely revolves around the desire to minimize corporate and personal taxes while protecting and ensuring your assets keep growing. Such a challenging objective requires the analyses of every financial decision and transaction you make to determine the resulting tax implication. 

Further complexity arises due to the constant changing taxation rules, reporting requirements and regulations. 

Ongoing tax planning is an integral part of personal wealth management and any well-managed business.

Detailing our tax planning

At Borg Galea, we work in synchronisation with businesses and their owners, including high-net worth individuals and their close family members to reduce the taxation burden and maximise cashflows. This is done by reorganising corporate structures, estate and succession planning.

To top it all up, we also handle your tax filing requirements by preparing and submitting on your behalf, tax refund claim forms, tax returns, adjustments in the provisional tax payments and cover all reporting requirements to ensure that you are in compliance with the Maltese regulations.

Foreign investors

Foreign investors are blessed with the various tax incentive schemes in place in Malta which can reduce the effective tax rate to as little as 5%.

Please visit our Relocation to Malta page to understand in more depth the many benefits your company can benifit from.